Mr. Climate Is Always Busy

Mr. Climate Is Always Busy

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Mr Climate is always busy.

His mushy white cloudberry would go on a beeping spree whenever he would sit down for a breather, reminding him that a tiny city with tinier red roofed houses in the banana like continent needed its monsoon seven days ago. Or a cuddly snowy bear mom in the snowy mountains could not feed her cuddly snowy cab because a school of salmons lost their way in the sea current and could not reach the lakeshores when they were supposed to.

Yes, Mr. Climate has always been busy trying to maintain the world’s ecosystem. It has been like this for as long as the vast rectories of his memory can remember. There were many setbacks like that time when this large star came from nowhere and there was a blinding flash of light and then there was only black. Next thing he remembers his waking up in a strange land of grey and brown and red, unlike the greenly emerald like place he came to call home. Wandering around the barren wasteland, he found the four siblings Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen lying around barely alive. Mr. Climate tended to them and tried to convince the somewhat dysfunctional family of four siblings that they need to work together to make things like they used to be. That was a few million years ago, and the earth was almost back to its usual self with everything back to normal.

That was until now.

Now as he sits atop the really high mountains with snow on the peaks called The Really High Mountains with Snow on the Peaks, Mr Climate looks down on the vast waving blanket of blue trying to block off the blaring noise of his cloudberry. It has been screaming murder for what seems like forever now. Once in a while Mr. Climate would take a peek at the flashing screen and read that the piggy nose snowy hill near the large horn-like mountain dissolved in the water. And he would worry about the penguin clan that used to live in that hill wondering what happened to them. Then before he was done worrying about the penguins,...

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