Mr Know All1925

Mr Know All1925

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Salam amer


Alshamela School




12th grade

Literature project
"Thank you ma'm"
"Mr. know all"


This story begins in a dark street at eleven o'clock at night, when a large lady walked into this street with her large purse that almost had everything in it.
There was a boy chasing her, and after they turned the corner he snatched her purse, the purse was so heavy that he lost his balance and fell on his back, the large woman kicked him and picked him up by his shirt front and ordered him to pick her purse up.
She didn’t turn him loose and took him home with her to get him clean, feed him and to talk with him about why he did so..
She dragged the boy inside, down the hall and into a large kitchenette furnished room at the rare of the house and let the door opened.
There were other people in the house.
She asked him about his name and ordered him to go wash his face and she got him a clean towel.
Roger -that was his name- thought she was going to send him to jail, but the lady wasn’t going to because she is an understanding, compassionate woman.
She talked to him about why he did so, and she told him that once when she was young wanted things that couldn’t have and did some wrong things too in order to have what she want.
The woman went to the kitchen to make them something to eat leaving her purse behind her in the same room with the boy.
So the boy tries to sit in a place which she can see him with the corner of her eye -because he wanted her to trust him-.
She told him about her job in a hotel beauty-shop and never tried to embarrass him by asking him about his parents and so..
After they had finished eating she gives him some money to buy what he wants and asked him not to steel any more.
She led him down the hall to the front door and opened it, and left him no chance to say anything; he barely managed to thank her.

Thank you ma'm:-
Langston Hughes was an American...

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