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Mr Michael

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BTEC First Certificate in Business (Level 2) Unit 1: Assignment 4 Business Environment Name: Date Set: 6 Oct 2012 Form: Deadline for submission 18th Oct 2012

Vocational Context
The local MP and Enterprise agency is now keen to focus on attracting new business to the Warwick and Leamington are, particularly restaurants and leisure based business, with the increase in visitor numbers to Warwick and Kenilworth Castles. You are to prepare a booklet that can be given to encourage prospective entrepreneurs that may wish to set up in this area and show them how business have adapted and changed to suit the changing business environment. You have identified and explained the current business situation in Warwickshire and Coventry and tried to identify features that should encourage new business to start up here, or existing business to relocate or expand. The focus is now ‘how have existing business survived’. You are to write an article for the newspaper on the following.

Task ONE
Your article should include; The characteristics of the local business environment. This includes the range and types of businesses in the local area. The types of markets they serve and important trends in those markets. You must also explain and their impact upon the local economy – Include The following; employment the development of industrial parks and shopping centres the decline of traditional industries (Car, Telecomunications) growth of the service and technological industries (Warwick University Science Park)

. A regulation checklist based on the Business Link Website that gives examples of Laws or regulations that a business may have to comply with (This provides evidence for P5) The following may help: 36F00510A88/$file/qbriefJune10.pdf...

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