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Elephant Burger

Project Name: Elephant Burger (Massive and Immense)

Department involved: Unison Group
 Full Time employees: One Project Manager and Two Project Members
 Part Time employees: None

Project Start and End Date: October 1st to December 31st
Project Purpose and Justification:

 Enhance Menu: Varity of choices will help increase of sales.
 Low cost with good quality to attract adults: Discount / Offers / Coupons / Cash Back will help to attracts customers from different class.
 Lively set-up for children’s: Play house / Indoor games, Surprise gifts, animated movie tickets will attract more customers
High-Level Project and Product Requirements:

 Emphasising on set of agreement
 Beta trail in Super Burger
 Completion of Training certification by restaurant administrator
 Ultimate sign-off by Finance department and VP
 Attracting families.
 Low cost, however meeting the quality standard.
 Meeting state health regulations.
Initial Risks:

 Maintain Low cost.
 Training the staff
 Focus on limited group of customers
 Providing free sample burgers for customer feedback
 Promotion Design
Acceptance Criteria:

 Spotlight group harmony
 Papers sign-off by cafeteria supervisor
 Guiding sign-off by cafeteria supervisor
 Concluding sign-off by plan champion
Staffing Decisions:

 Preparing and designing the process map and following it.
 Ensure work is complete on time.
 Delegation of work
 Marketing approach
Conflict Resolution:

 Topping can be selected by customers
 Varieties of burger can be provided to customer
Escalation Process:

 Feedback forms for the customer
 Customer can email directly to customer service
 Area manager to handle situation on floor
 If area manager is not able to handle situation, customer can get in touch with regional head.

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