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Mr Sarim

ENTRY 2009


University of Oxford undergraduate admissions statistics 2009 entry

The tables below are produced annually by the Undergraduate Admissions Office of the University of Oxford. The data in the tables refers to candidates who applied in October 2008, irrespective of the year for which they were seeking admission. It does not include candidates holding deferred offers from the 2007 exercise. Figures for this admissions cycle include graduate entry applicants; these applicants were excluded from previous year’s data. All Oxford colleges are committed to recruiting the best candidates, irrespective of their age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, national origin, parental status, race, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, social background or educational background.

•The total number of applicants in December 2008 was 15,277, made up of 7,772 men and 7,505 women. This was a increase of 14.1 per cent over the corresponding figure of 13,388 in December 2007 and was the largest number ever recorded. •14,493 candidates applied for entry in October 2009 and 784 for deferred entry in October 2010. •The total number of acceptances was 3,202. Of these 1,710 (53.4 per cent) were men and 1,492 (46.6 per cent) were women. This 3,202 includes 168 places for deferred entry in October 2010. •Of UK students attending maintained or independent schools or colleges in the UK, 53.9 per cent of places on undergraduate courses went to applicants from maintained schools or colleges and 46.1 per cent of places went to applicants from the independent sector.

UK domiciled applications and acceptances by Maintained and Independent sector: as percentages
Applications 2009 Total (%)
Maintained sector Independent TOTAL 60.8 39.2 100.0

Acceptances 2009 Total (%)
53.9 46.1 100.0

UK domiciled applications and acceptances by type of school/college and...

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