Mr Usman Ghani

Mr Usman Ghani

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My school, my friends

Schools are important part of our lives. They prepare us to live in the society. If you think school is just about studying, then you are wrong. School is for learning, experiencing and having fun, we meet different teachers, make new friends and then we all study together.

Running a school is not an easy job. There are many people working behind the success of the school. These people are our school principals and teachers.

Teacher is the most visible person in our life at school. Some teachers are strict while some are kind, but they all are caring from the heart. They sing, they read, they write, they scold to make us learn with fun. They not only teach us various subjects, but also give us lessons about life, and teach us to be good.

Principal are the leaders. We do not see them much, but they are the most important person in school. They keep on trying to make our learning better and better. They bring good teachers for us, solve our problems and help our parents in providing us good education.

School is only successful when we students support our teachers and principals. It is our responsibility to complete our homework so teachers do not have to teach it over and over again.

In school we meet many new students in class. We like some of them and make them our friends. Some friends are so good that we always want to sit with them in class.

Every friend has an impact on our lives. Some are good in studies which make us also good. Some help us in our work, while some are talkative. We always learn something from our friends.

Friends also have bad qualities in them. We should ignore their bad qualities and try to change them by our good qualities.

If there will not be any friends in school, the learning will be boring. Always make friends in school and help others who don’t have friends.


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