Mrs Sam

Mrs Sam

´╗┐Globalisation Mock Exam
What, if anything, is new about globalisation?
Essay plan;
What is new about globalisation is the speed in which the process of globalisation has taken: it is also safe to describe the current globalisation as widening, deepening and speeding up worldwide interconnectedness. Globalisation is also said by some theorists to be the increasingly intensified interconnectedness of the globe.
In this essay I will explain and look at globalisation through two main characteristic of the topic. Globalisation for some it has brought immense wealth and to others environmental degradation, poverty and violence.
I will provide evidence and facts involved in this irreversible trend of globalisation.

There are several characteristics to globalisation such as Political, Economic, Cultural, Technological and Military globalisation. There are also three main thesis to globalisation, namely The Sceptics of globalisation, The Hyperglobalisers and the Transformationalists view of globalisation. From these characteristics of globalisation along with the different thesis globalisation I will illustrate and provide evidence of what is new about globalisation.

In relation to Political globalisation, the globe now has a lot more regional integration as compared to the 19th century; the continued integration of the European Union (EU) is probably the most successful political union so far. European states that were once arch nemesis now sit together at the European Parliament to discuss, debate and pass new supranational legislations and conventions. Institutions such as the European Court of Justice, the European council of ministers and naturally the European Parliament are evidence and facilitators of this political union.

In turn the EU as a political bloc conducts a lot of political, cultural and economic interactions with other regional blocs such as the newly formed Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) these...

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