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Our Landfills

Modern landfills are well-engineered facilities that are designed and operated to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Solid waste landfills are designed to protect the environment from contaminants which are in the solid waste stream.Leachate usually refers to the liquid that drains out the bottom of landfills, garbage dumps, or other waste disposal sites. Leachate forms as water runs through solid waste. This water can come from rainwater falling on top of a landfill and seeping down into the waste, or it can come from within the waste itself. As the water moves through the waste, it can dissolve metals, organic compounds, and other contaminants. If not contained or treated, the leachate can keep moving beyond the landfill, contaminating groundwater or streams and polluting the environment. The waste that my family throughout every ends up 50 miles away in Dexter, Missouri. People are starting to pay more attention to landfills now because there are a lot more things that go into them,and people do not want the landfills close to there house. Landfills are being seen as valuable now because with modern technology it is easier to go through the landfills and have machines sort out all of the recyclables, like glass, paper, and plastic.

I agree more with the first statement, and how it talks about the amount of waste we produce is less than the space in the earth. I think we should be knowledgeable about what we throw away but I do not think if I throw away plastic water bottles that the world end. Some examples of chemical changes in a landfill may be food rotting, like a banana or apple, or waste rusting like iron. Gasses in a landfill can react differently than solids in a landfill, and this may cause thing to have a chemical reaction or explosion. Hawaii‘s energy from their trash helps them save money and have more space and money.

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