Ms. Abrams

Ms. Abrams

Abdulhadi 1
Manal Abdulhadi
Mrs. Day
Eng 2 Pre-AP
27 August 2008
Ms Abrams!

First, she was the chick who shared the painful days of Biology with Coach Betancur with me, and sat behind me during TAKS days. Then, she was a friend who (ironically) sits behind me in English 2 and Algebra 2. I’m talking about the sweet, fun, Anglo-American 14 year old: Ms Meagan Abrams, who by the way should be a freshman. Her fashionable look hasn’t really changed since I’ve met her. The classic blue jeans, baby doll top, flats, straight hair, freckles, eye shadow, rings, nails, and maroon A&E bag are still part of her style like glasses are part of Bill Gates…and so is the general “whiteness” of her skin. Does she produce a lot of melanin? I think not.

Born on November 23, she has managed to have a boyfriend, make weird objects out of paper (and teach me as well), get braces, have two wiener dogs and a lizard by the names of Bops, Buster, and Leo, get to know two half-sisters Andrea and Tessa, ages 27 and 30, and be a Christian within 14 short years. She could be superwoman for all we know. Meagan has two wonderful parents: Terry and Curtis. She adores fajitas and well…if she even looks at asparagus, the whiteness will turn green.

Abdulhadi 2
After being her buddy during those long dreadful TAKS days, I also noticed how she absolutely despises eating carrots without ranch. Meagan has sky-high hopes of removing her braces before her high school graduation in 2011. She’s also hoping not to miss the next Olympics Opening Ceremony after regretfully missing the one in Beijing of this year. Meagan Abrams’s image definitely transformed to the positive side after I got to know her, and you should have that same great experience, too! (

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