Ms Office Manual

Ms Office Manual

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Microsoft PowerPoint Manual Critique

Microsoft PowerPoint can do many different functions and can often require extensive training. Remembering every function of Microsoft PowerPoint could take a long time and a lot of practice. Microsoft now has written guides and tutorials online in order to help consumers with their program. Having manuals online requires an internet connection, which could pose problems for some owners. There are positive and negative aspects to Microsoft’s manuals including their layout, organization, writing, and use of visual tools.

Microsoft uses screenshots in order to guide users while performing a specific function. This can be particularly useful for people who are new to PowerPoint and may not have the knowledge of certain screen names such as “Home Screen”. On most of the help topics, the visuals are accompanied with written instructions. This is a great way to reach all types of learning instead of just using a profuse amount of screenshots.

A user can start with over forty main topics and move onto hundreds of subcategories. Having this much information could become overwhelming for a new user. The online help does provide a “Getting Started Section” which can help those users who are just starting out with the program.
Depending on what the user is trying to get help with pages can consist of a couple of sentences with a visual image up to several pages with many visuals. Trying to follow the guidelines as you go requires a lot of scrolling and switching between the program and back to the user’s browser. Constantly switching between the browser and the program can consume a lot of time. Creating a guide that allows pop up on screen instruction integrated into the program would save a lot of the hassle.
Spacing and font for the online guide is appealing. The instructions are not written in paragraph form where each step is strung together. This allows easy transition into new steps as well as...

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