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What to do if you are unable to connect to an MT264
MT264 Module Team
November 27, 2012

This document has been prepared by the module team to help those of you who have
trouble connecting to a module database when doing the Computer Practicals for Block
4. Please note that if your operating system is Windows 8, only Section 3 of these notes
applies - the section about a standalone installation. We will issue appropriate advice
for those of you with Windows 8 operating system in due course.
If you have not had previous installations of SQL on your computer and have used the
default locations for the software, you should not have any problems. This document is
intended for those whose systems have a combination of operating system and previous
history that causes a problem. The numbers of these, up to now, have been very small.
In the first section we ask you to check the basic installation.


First checks
1. Have you installed the databases in C:MT264\Databases (that is the default)?
If the answer to this is ‘No’, then change to this default location if at all possible.
If it is not possible to use the default location, you should still be able to load the
databases from your chosen location but do take care to browse for the appropriate
database when doing so.
2. Go to Start>All Programs. Is there a folder Microsoft SQL Server 2008?
If the answer is ‘No’ then you need to install it. If there are no other Microsoft
SQL Servers listed then you should be able to install it from the supplied MT264
DVD, DVD00790.
(a) Rerun the Visual Basic 2010 Express install and select ’Add Optional Product(s)’ on the Maintenance Mode Options screen.
(b) Next tick the ‘Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1’ check box
on the Installation Options screen.
(c) Finally on the Maintenance - Install Source screen browse to the VBExpress
folder on the CD then click the Install button.

If the answer is ‘Yes’:
(a) click on...