MTH 231 UOP Course Tutorial/ Tutorialoutlet

MTH 231 UOP Course Tutorial/ Tutorialoutlet

MTH 231 Week 5 Final Exam Guide Set 1

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MTH 231 Week 5 Final Exam
Use this worksheet for your answers. Your score, based on the points shown for this exam in the rubric, will be corrected to the basis points shown for the final exam in the syllabus. Submit to the Assignments Section by 11:59 pm of the last day of class. Late work will not be accepted.
1. The following are the scores obtained by 30 students in epidemiology test:
83 67 94 77 55 82
79 72 88 65 81 63
92 61 85 71 79 70
89 52 66 63 75 84
99 81 73 79 68 77
a) Apply the Statdisk and look for the user-defined relative frequency histogram having a class width of 10 from 50. The labels must be “on”. Copy the histogram in this sheet.
b) Look for the Normality Assessment using the Statdisk.
Does it show the sample from the normal population?
Are the results from the histogram and the test results the same with regard to normality?
What did you apply for the alpha level of the test? 0
c) Refer to the Statdisk, get the descriptive statistics of the data below:
Standard Deviation
d) Sarah got 79 in her exam. The z-score is shown below: 0.2927
2. The die rolled once with the events as shown:
A: Event F: Roll an even number
B: Event J: Roll 1, 2, 3, or 4
a) Define the term mutually exclusive.
There are two events which are independent and the existence of the first event has nothing to do with the existence of another.
b) What set has mutually exclusive events? A, B, Both, or Neither?
3. Every...

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