Muddiest points

Muddiest points

Muddiest Points Reflection Log Week 3

Each week you will be asked to view, listen or read an article related to your course. This topic is rich and requires additional inspection. Use this material to dwelve deeper into the concepts that may have been confusing or “muddy”, and share. This exercise in totality will take 2-3 hours to complete, including review of the video/audio, synopsis and completion of the form.

Name of Audio or Video

Alwan, M. (2012). A thoughtful approach to increasing clients’ comfort with technology to improve access and quality of care. Leading Age. Retrieved from

List the concepts discussed within podcast/video/audio • Technology Initiatives
• Remote Monitoring
• Telehealth
• Computer Learning Centers
• Virtual Senior Center
Give an synopsis of what you heard or viewed. How does this change or enhance your understanding or perception of death.

Selfhelp Community Services (Selfhelp) help Holocaust survivors, elderly individuals, and other at-risk populations remain living in the comfort of their homes by using technology to help these individuals receive services that meet their needs. Monitoring systems have been used to help clients that have had a tendency of falling or to help them manage their medications. Telehealth, on the other hand, helps track and monitor the client’s health condition. Telehealth devices electronically track the patients’ blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight, as well as, alert and remind patients when to take their medication. The patient’s information and data are then collected and transmitted to their assigned registered nurse by telephone line, where it will then be reviewed. If the results indicate that the patient needs care, a clinician will be sent to the patient’s home immediately. Selfhelp senior centers have incorporated computer learning...

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