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´╗┐Influence Of Teachers
Teachers have watched you grow, taught you your basics, and have also molded you into the individuals that you are now. They have seen you through your academic years and have helped you grow in numerous ways. From kindergarten to college, these guiding forces have played a crucial role in your holistic and intellectual development. Through the years, only one aspect of the academic journey stays constant; and that is the association and effort of the teachers, and the influence they have on you. A teacher is a facilitator, who is enthusiastic, demonstrative and drives students to achieve their maximum potential. Teachers are much more than just strict characters with an obsession for discipline. Sure, teachers may be stern, but only for the betterment of your lives. Apart from immediate family, teachers are the second largest influence on the lives of children, and are the 'acting parents' while children are at school. If you would like to know more about the influence of teachers, read on.

Teachers Influence On Students

Academic Interests
Many children are fussy about certain subjects because of not being able to understand them or because they find the subjects uninteresting. It is the teacher's job to make and retain the interest of a student in a particular subject. A teacher, who helps children overcome their academic difficulties by getting them to love certain subjects, is nothing short of a genius. Teachers who use activities and unconventional teaching methods are sure to succeed in making children enjoy their academics! This is an important influence that teachers have on children.

Let's face it. Many children lack self-esteem. Issues relating to self-esteem can take a toll on the child's academic interests and hinder participation in class. Teachers can help eradicate this problem once and for all by therapeutically teaching and encouraging students using appreciative pats, praises, personal tutoring and...

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