HRMD 620
5Exam #2
Fall 2016

Instructions: Please read these carefully. Each class is likely to be different. If you assume you know what is required, you may make a mistake that can be avoided just by reading the instructions.
Post your Answer Sheet by the due date listed in the Course Schedule in your individual assignment folder. Please post on time to avoid the 5% per day late penalty required by departmental policy. Remember the late window begins at 12:00 a.m. the next day. Please don’t ask me after the deadline to waive a late penalty. If you’re having a problem that matches the criteria in the grading policy, contact me before the deadline. I help when I can. (See the Grading Information in the syllabus.)

Please work alone; this is not a group assignment.

Do not use any work that has been submitted to a previous class. (See the Grading Information in the syllabus. This is also part of the Academic Integrity pledge you signed.)

Do not use a cover sheet. Just be sure your name is on the Answer Sheet. The blank Answer Sheet is in the Course Content area, in the same place as the exam.

Remember to use a Word .doc or .docx file format to ensure I can open your work. (See the Grading Information in the syllabus.)

Please do not retype the information or annotate your multiple-choice response. Any confusion in the answer will be interpreted as an error. Just list the response by the number on the Answer Sheet.

Please do not consult sources other than those we have already used in the course. The exam tests your understanding of the existing reading material and exercises, not your ability to do research.

Please do use APA to reference your essay/case response. Create a reference list at the end and use the (author, year) format within the text; or, if it is a direct quote, the (author, year, page number) format. Please do not start a new page only for the reference list; just space down after...