Multicultural Psychology: Its Meaning, History and Impact

Multicultural Psychology: Its Meaning, History and Impact

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Multicultural psychology: It meaning, history, and impact
David Sippio
University of Phoenix

Multicultural psychology: It meaning, history, and impact
Before any empirical study, observation, and work can be done there must be a reference point, what is multicultural psychology? Let’s examine this very question. (Hall & Barongan, 2002, p. 9) Multicultural psychology is a study of influences of multiple cultures in a single context on human behavior. The attention to cultural concerns becomes significant when multiple cultural groups coexist in a single context. One of the common circumstances centered on multicultural context is the dynamics of one group feeling or gaining an alleged dominates or leaving the other groups docile and subject to oppression. This feeling of dominates leads to some of the common challenges with multicultural psychology; much of the language and variables are not clearly define. The study of multicultural is not limited to cultures; it’s vaster in scope, expanding its perspective to sex, gender, race, ethnicity, and class. These terms are complicated in there on right but coupled with multicultural studies; psychologist is more intrigued by the influences and burdens with trying to define each under the one umbrella.
History of Multicultural Psychology
As the new millennium has become present, there has been a shift in people’s residence globally. This transformation is causing our communities to take on a new gander; our communities are more diverse now acting as a melting pot for many individuals. The melting pot is no longer a simple ingredient; it has become a bowl of Louisiana gumbo and Campbell alphabet soup; and the cultures are as plentiful as the number of alphabets. What makes this even more a phenomenon is the crossover of cultures; cultures marrying into other cultures. Another possibility to consider is the cultures within a...

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