multinational corporations

multinational corporations

´╗┐Multinational Corporations: Are they Devils in Disguise?

To start with we need to know what actually a MNC means, in simple a Multi National Company.We are living in 21st century. And the whole world is interlinked with each other which is another name given as globalization.In this scenario we cannot neglect the importance of multi national corporation. Since economic liberalization we have been seeing the entrance of many MNC's in Indian territory.MNCs have a bilateral role for India. The benefits and the harms to India are well clear if we analyse the situations of India before and after the opening of the Indian market to the world thus creating a open Economy system at the 1990's.

Before opening of the market and coming of the large no of MNCs in Indian market we see most of the large organizations of India are owned by either the State Government or the Central Govt and a few company are there which can produce products and services to the International level so they are not competent in the global market. Due to less competition in Indian market in most of the sector from consumer products to the service sectors like cars, trucks, fmcgs, electricity, aviation the quality and condition is poor. The company's have a monopoly in those sectors so the effective control of the prices are done to their benefits.

Due to this factors throughout the Govt company there is a sluggishness, increase of corruption level, less hours of works for the job security is looked upon and for this the overall quality of Indian market decreases.

But still at that time in India to name a few big MNCs like TATA, Reliance are there who are owned by privates but they share a large role for the development that India got till date and most of the citizens prefer to work for them rather to work in Govt company's.

So it is not such that a employee wants only to sit and earn his living but he always want a healthy environment less level of corruption and oppurtuniy to...

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