multiple chpice questions

multiple chpice questions

Answer the following questions in the answer booklet provided. DO NOT WRITE IN THIS BOOKLET.

1. In paragraph 16, the world venue means ---
A. a chapter
B. a moment
C. a sequence
D a location

2. Read the following dictionary entry.
rattle verb 1. to make rapid sharp noises one after another 2. to upset or embarrass to the point of loss of composure 3. to move about in a large empty space 4. to speak or perform in a brisk, livey manner
Which definition best matches the use of the word rattled in paragraph 49?
A. Definition 1
B. Definition 2
C. Definition 3
D. Definition 4

3. “Long Walk to Forever” tells the story of ---
A. a young woman who is preparing for her wedding
B. a young man who visits his hometown for the weekend
C. a young couple who realize that they love each other
D. a soldier who decides to run away from the army

4. What will happen to Newt as a result of going A.W.O.L.?
A. He will hitchhike back to Fort Bragg.
B. He will miss Catharine’s wedding.
C. He will spend 30 days in the stockade.
D. He will serve seven more months in the army.

5. Since Catharine and Newt grew up next door to each other “on the fringe of a city,” they probably ---
A. never walked to school
B. rarely saw each other
C. had many friends in the neighborhood
D. depended on each other for companionship

6. In paragraph 11, the author uses the description of Newt’s appearance to ---
A. suggest that Newt wanted to get home in a hurry
B. point out that Newt never cares how he looks
C. prove how much Newt dislikes the army
D. illustrate the fact that Newt likes to go for walks

7. The extra space inserted after paragraph 47 ---
A. highlights a dramatic moment in the story
B. prepares the reader for a flashback
C. indicates the passage of several days
D. slows does the action of the story

8. Catharine makes sensible speeches to Newt in order to ----
A. hide her dislike of him
B. pledge her love to him

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