Museum Proposal

Museum Proposal

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This is a proposal for five main exhibits to be placed on display at the Health Care Hall of Fame Museum. These five exhibits that I have chosen pay tribute to the most significant developments in the United States.

I. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
This care act was signed into law by President Obama in March of 2010. It was established to improve healthcare for Americans by adding provisions and expanding access to care by increasing access to insurance Also the act makes provisions to control health care costs, and lastly the law is improving the health care delivery system and the quality. (Austin & Wetle, p. 10, 2012). Since this act has been set in motion thousand of Americans have been able to provide healthcare for their family who may not have qualified for Medicare or Medicaid. This is a significant development since it also set in motion employers to provide healthcare as well, if your employer does not you are able to shop in a health insurance market for an affordable health insurance for you or your family.

II. Vaccine Preventable Diseases
For the past 10-15 years there has been a vast majority of declines in cases such as hospitalizations, deaths, and health-care costs associated with vaccine-preventable diseases. Also since the vaccines have been implemented with the current child immunizations there have been preventative number of deaths such as 42,000 and 20 million cases of disease. This has showed an astounding amount of net savings rounding near the $14 billion dollar mark in direct costs and $69 billion in total societal costs (“Ten Great Public Health Achievements --- United States, 2001--2010,” 2011).Because of these vaccines the days of high mortality rates in children as well as young adults has fallen drastically as much as 97% in the age 20 bracket. This is a big accomplishment in healthcare and a highlighting in achievements.

III. Cancer Prevention

Modern technology has allowed screenings to provide...

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