Music and Culture

Music and Culture

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Question : How do youth mark out their identities?

Reference Article : The Hip Hop Impact on Japanese Youth Culture

Essay Title : Take those reins off the youths

| |
|In the first essay you will explore the question “How do youth mark out their identities?” You will analyze the writer’s presentation of |
|one of the dilemmas youth face when they create their personal or group identity: individualism versus conformity, rejection of authority|
|versus submission to authority, fad influence or peer pressure as opposed to adult perception or misperception of youth behaviour. |

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Bearing blackened faces and necks with shimmering makeup; standing tall on boots with solid platforms, the girls invite stares from everyone who walks past them. These are the girls you could see on the streets of Japan today but not a few decades back. Through extensive research and a survey taken by students from two Japanese universities, Xuexin Liu (Professor at Spelman College) seeks to address the impact of hip hop on the Japanese youth culture. In the article “The Hip Hop Impact on Japanese Youth Culture”, hip hop is said to have resulted in an advent of a phenomenon that is growing among Japanese teenage girls. This is known as “Ganguro”. To the Japanese society, these girls in their youth are a group of rebels who attempts to go against the norm and break away from accustomed social standards. Liu takes an impartial stand towards this issue on individualism versus conformity. She is neither critical of, nor sympathetic towards this group of girls. This is likely so, as she is merely publishing a research paper based on her findings. The author believes that, to the Japanese youths, being Ganguro is a...

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