Music as the Universal Language

Music as the Universal Language

“Music soothes the mind and gives relax to the soul.” Many peoples agree with this quote. In fact lots of people choose music as their most favourite activity, wheter it is limited to be a listener, or even a player. Nowadays, music becomes one of the core values in many peoples live.

There are many reasons why music is often considers as an important thing. One of it is because music is like a “universal language”. For example, to enjoy a song, you don’t have to understand the language in which it sang. The melody of that song will “speak” for it self in a very simple, yet understandable way.
In fact for some music, such as an instrumental music, words are no needed at all.

Music can also help to give a comfortable feeling and bring you to a good mood. You can listen to any kind of music depends on your mood. When you need to soothe and relax in the night, then you can hear to a slow music. Opposite to that, you may prefer to listen to an upbeat music whenever you need to get a high spirit.

Not to forget, for some peoples music is a way to live. For singers, composers, or musicians, music is definitely important as they earn their money from that field. Even thought it is actually a job, but many peoples find that doing music is so much fun unlike any other job. That is probably one reason why nowadays many people would consider music as their job. Peoples’ enthusiashm in a singing contest, such as American Idol, is one great example to show it.

For all those reasons, music definitely becomes one of the important things in our life. Even for me myself, I don’t think I can live without it. A world without music will be a boring world.
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