Music Concert

Music Concert

I choose the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which has their programmer announcement every year. Anyone can find and choose the concert which they like. I chose the concert for last Sunday. Their concert had new emerging artist from Ipalpiti Festibal 2010. The concert basically had four piece of music which were presented very beautifully. One of these was Fantasiestucke, Opus 88, both Romanze and Duet were preformed. This concerto was performed by pianist Luiza Borac, violinist Vladimir Dyo, and cellist Yves Dharamraj. The second piece was Ahnung, a new discovery piece from Kinderszenen. This piece was U.S. Premiere, played solo by the pianist Luiza Borac. The third piece was Piano Quartet in E-flat major, Opus 47. This piece was an Andante cantabile piece. This concerto was performed by pianist Luiza Borac, violinist Conrad Chow and Adelya Shagidullina, and Cellist Kian Soltani. The last piece was Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Opus 44. What I discovered about my own musical understanding by attending this concert is the following thing. I know how to appreciate and to enjoy music that is a little bit familiar with the music which is being played. I was a very quiet and attentive listener as I love to listen to symphony orchestra concert. The seating arrangement of the instruments in the orchestra was like

Following are the list of instruments which were used in the concert:-

Apart from the core orchestral complement, various other instruments are called for occasionally These include the classical guitar, heckle, flugelhorn, cornet, harpsichord, and organ. Saxophones, .The orchestra is divided into four groups and specified as follows:
• Woodwind instruments: flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons
• Brass instruments: horns, trumpets, trombones, tubas
• Timpani, percussion, piano, harp etc.
• String section: violins, violas, celli, basses

I enjoyed going to this concept a lot because whatever music I learned throughout this semester was used there....

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