Music Is My Passion

Music Is My Passion

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In this essay I will talk about Polar Bears, Dolphins, Artic Fox, and Snowy Owls. This essay will be about these four mammals.

The Polar Bear, or Ursus Maritus, evolved about 600.000 years ago from an ancestor shared with the Brown Bear. Polar Bears range throughout the Artic in areas where they hunt Seals. They are the top of food chain in the Artic.

Dolphins can swim up to 260 mph. Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes underwater, but they cannot breathe under water, There are 10-12 dolphins in a group. Dolphins are warm blooded. Dolphins eat fish and squid.

The Artic Fox can run at the speed of around 30 mph. The Artic Fox is also the only one from the dog family to change its colors. They are known to shed their fur at least twice in a year. By doing this it helps them camouflage themselves with the changing environment. The Artic Fox has quite a few enemies such as Polar bears and Wolves. The wolves and Snowy Owl are known to attack the young kittens. Grizzly Bears are known to attack the Artic Fox.

Snowy Owls are diurnal, which means that they hunt during the day and night unlike most owls. The feathers of Snowy Owls have no pigment, leaving more space for air, which helps them keep warm. Their legs and toes are heavily feathered to protect them from harsh weathers in the cold Artic regions. The breeding range of the Snowy Owl is circumpolar, ranging across the northern regions of Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska, and Canada.

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