Music Video Analysis

Music Video Analysis

Nicole Brown
Soc 346
November 13, 2008

Popular Music Video Analysis


Mrs. Officer, a song by popular hip hop artist Lil Wayne is about a man meeting a very sexy woman that happens to be a cop and all of the things that this man does to this woman in a sexual way. The man and woman are playing a cop and robber type of game, but the woman is actually a cop. Lil Wayne is a long standing hip hop artist that is now starting to take over the hip hop charts, having many songs at number one. Hip hop is a type of music developed in the Bronx, in New York City in the 1970’s predominately among African Americans and Latinos (Wikipedia). It started off very popular in the urban and street lives of people all over. This hip hop song is “rapped” by Lil Wayne and has a rhythm and blues section sung by Bobby Valentino. Rap stems from poetry and is a way that artists do not sing, but poetically state what they are trying to get out in the song. It is said as if someone is reciting poetry with a beat in the background that usually speeds up the words and provides a catchy tune for the audience. Bobby Valentino sings the chorus and adds flow to the song that catches people’s attention. The beat in the background slows to a more soulful beat, and speeds back up with harder and faster beats when Lil Wayne comes back in to rap. The video of this song is depicting an officer that pulls a man over for speeding. This officer is played by sex symbol type of woman. She is dressed in provocative cop clothing and proceeds to be sexual and flirtatious with this suspect. The video also reverses roles in and out scenes to show a sexy man cop pulling over beautiful ladies. The video goes on to show Lil Wayne and this cop woman being sexual in a bedroom and shows their life together and infers that they begin dating. The end of the video shows an argument between the two and leaving each other at the same car they met in. The video has many woman dressed up...

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