Hi dear teacher, I am Luo Lin. I felt sick on last Friday and I felt so sorry for missed the class. There is my speech draft for my PPT.

Hi everyone, I am Luo Lin, and today, I will introduce a beautiful small island from my hometown.

Gulang Island is a car free island and only 20000 people living on the island. We can reach it by ferry from Xiamen in about 10-20 minutes and you only need to pay 10 rmb for the ticket.

Now, we talk about the history of the Island.

The Island is a part of Xiamen. Xiamen became a treaty port in 1842 and Gulang Island was designated an international settlement in 1903. Every city has a hero, Zheng Chengong is the hero of my hometown.
There is a folktale about Zheng Chenggong. People said that the status of zheng chenggong has protected the island without typhoons attack.

What makes the island so special? The one of reasons is the artistic atmosphere. You can find and visit the one and only piano museum in China on Gu Lang island. The island’s nick name is “the town of piano”. There are
over 200 pianos on this island. The Chinese name “Gu Lang” also has musical roots, as gu lang means drum waves so-called because of the sound generated by the ocean waves hitting the reefs.

We leave the museum and go into the town. You can find so many stylish shops on the island. A lot of funs are waiting for you to discover. Almost every shops has their special stories.

A beautiful love story can’t live without a romantic place, and there’s a love film that happen on this island.

The film’s is “The First Time” and the story is talk about a love story between a ballet dancer and a rock singer. Shiqiao, who always dreamed of being a ballet dancer, but unfortunately, she has a strange disease, a disease that can make her die if she trying to do any strenuous exercise, including dancing. Mark Chao, who are a lead singer in a rock band. He is not a good school boy but for Shiqiao, he is a perfect partner. He always tries to...

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