Throughout the centuries , music has always played an important role in human society . Undergoingeach glorious and gloomy period , from genres to the way it is performed ,music has rapidly changed .Music, nowadays, is not only a common way of entertaining , but also an artistic aspect of life. Being aprofound influence on people and a common trend for the new generation are the ways music proves itsmagnitude all over the world.

First of all, music has deep impact on the person enjoying it. Through its sweet melodies , music canrelease a painful soul and reduce stress. Indeed , music is not only a simple recreation ,but also an artthat can touch the human spirit. Then, music helps us to control our feelings."A person that can controlhis mind is the most powerful person in the world" is a cliche believed by almost people. Fortunately,music can help us to do this. It regularly affects us whenever we've caught up with it such as watchingTV, hearing radio and even walking in a supermarket. As a consequence, we will be optimistic if we heara vigorous and active song .So the process will be reserved if we hear a somber tune.

The second thing worth mentioning is that music is important, for it has become a prominet tendency ofyoungsters. Firstly, musical professions-singer,composer and DJ , are popular jobs that most ofteenagers are likely to follow. The great success of many people like Britney Spears, Michael Jacksonand David Guetta leads us to ponder why musical careers used to be considered as unorthodox. Thenext point is,through music,youngster can express themselves. It means they're able to show their skills, their feelings and also their characteristics. For example, teenagers can use their abilities like dancing, singing or mixing music to perform in school and receive compliments.

In conclusion, music has become an essential part of life. It is not only interactive with our minds, butalso followed by a lot of people ,especially, the teenagers. With...

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