Slap! Boom! Tap! Slap! Boom! Tap!

Music speaks. We hear it, we wear it, we live it and we breathe it.
There is nothing else in this world that brings people together in such a harmonious and influential way.

We as people can learn so much about ourselves through music and the thought-provoking sounds that spread throughout the many corners of our world. Music IS us. With such an immense way to communicate, musicians and song writers are able to transpire multi-layered inspiration through their lyrics, instrumental compositions, song structuring and the like.

Lyrics have the ability to inspire through the message they try to portray. Listening to your favorite artist and remembering every word because those lyrics mean something tangible to you. Of course, we all get a song stuck in our head from time to time that may have no meaning for us at all but is catchy enough to have grabbed our attention anyway. This too can be a form of inspiration through lyrics. For some, lyrics can be difficult to compose, but when they finally come together, maybe because of a struggle, sadness, loss or even happiness, that’s when the true inspiration reveals itself.

Then to start writing, imagining, creating and composing material through instruments to go along with your lyrics, it's like adding another piece to the puzzle; another a piece of you. There is nothing more fulfilling than to have something you envisioned be out in the open; to be able in a sense, to hear and see a small slice of your soul infect those around you.

Imagine hearing a song on the radio, the most beautiful song you have ever heard, and you think about what that person had been through to even write such beauteous lyrics, to compose such sounds. That is what can come together when you let yourself aggrandize and build your relationship with inspiration.

When we inspire more than just our minds but other people’s minds as well, we begin to enhance ourselves to become that which...

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