Cam ielts 4 - page 55

Happiness is a state of mind. It is difficult to define because there is not definite or one explanation for happiness.  One would become happy for positive as well as negative reason, depending upon the concerned individual. There are many reasons why a person becomes happy. Again this depends upon person to person.  What could be the reason for happiness for one person, need not be the same for other person; on the contrary it could be otherwise also.

The factrors responsible, according to me, ae contentment, self realisation, understanding of the situation and individuals, mutual respect, trust, peacefulnes, etc

Happiness in considered very important in life and if someone is happy, he or she can obtain any thing. In recent research, happiness is the solution of many problems, but we can't find a unique definition about the word and when we want to define it, it seems impossible. There are many factors to obtain it that we will talk about them in this paper. Happiness is a sense and it is a mixture of excitment, being glad and relaxed. We can't define it, because it is sense and generally sense is feeling and feeling is our mind and soul. Therefore, we can't talk about it by words and we should talk about it by our feeling. For example, when you say “I'm happy” and someone asks you what you mean by saying that, You can't say about your feeling and you may answer like this : “I'm just happy, you can understand my feeling from my face”. This example shows our main idea about “happiness” and why we can't define it or it is difficult to define. But there is an easy way to define this word and it is your face! You can show the meaning of this word with face and when you are happy, you laugh and your face is very bright and attractive. Now, we talk about important factors for achieving happiness. There are many factors to obtain it but some of them are very important. Hope and positive are important factors. Hope is sense similarly and...

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