Ryan Goelz

Professor Maddex

Organizational Communication

Leadership v. Management

Leadership is a huge part in organizational communication, superiors of a company need to be on top of their employees to have communication go smoothly. My view on leadership is when superiors go above and beyond to complete what needs to be done every day. Communication between superiors and their employees should be exceptional. When asked to the employees by other people on how they like their superiors they should be able to talk highly of them. Superiors need to realize that their job is the most important and they can’t back down and be laid back. They have tons of responsibility and communication to everyone is number one.

Blanchard, Kenneth H., Drea Zigarmi, and Patricia Zigarmi. Leadership and the One Minute Manager. U.S.A.: Harpercollins Business, 2000.

Here in this book , you'll learn why tailoring management styles to individual employees are so important. Why knowing when to delegate, support, or direct is so critical. How to identify the leadership style suited to a particular person, and how consistent use of the One Minute techniques will produce better management and enhanced motivation on all levels. This remarkable, easy-to-follow book is a priceless guide to creative, personalized leadership that elicits the best performance from your staff and the best bottom line for any business.

Caroselli, Marlene. Leadership Skills for Managers. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000.

This is a book that is an in-depth exploration of the abilities and qualities of a leader. Leadership attributes such as problem-solving, team-building, and communication is analyzed. Tools, techniques, and real-life examples help the reader develop a plan of action for transforming a vision of leadership into an implementable reality.

Kossoff, Leslie L.. Executive Thinking: The Dream, the Vision, the Mission Achieved. London: Intercultural Press, 1999.

This book is...

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