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Tim Meakin

Treasure Island is a voyage of true excitement and adventure. It is a story of pirates, mutiny, and riches. Plot twists and turns guide a journey that will develop the mind and perspective of Jim Hawkins, a boy who is eager to discover wealth and glory on the island known to some as Treasure Island. A young boy must overcome the treacherous and scheming pirates in order to be rid of the hardships he knew not were ahead.

The book begins in a tavern known as the Admiral Benbow, located outside of Bristol, England. Jim, is the son of the innkeepers and is the main protagonist throughout the novel. Time brings in and old, surly, seaman known as Billy Bones whom wishes to reside in their, well known and quiet inn. Soon as the story starts off, Billy hires Jim to be on the lookout for a man with one leg. For weeks Jim is loyal and does what he is asked and is paid accordingly for his duties when one evening Billy Bones is killed after receiving a black spot. Jim is aroused by the result and accuracy of the spot and quickly recruits his mother and together they unlock Billy’s chest. Inside they find a log book and a map. Startled by footsteps from outside the inn, Jim and his mother flee. Jim has an idea that the things he took from the chest are of high value so he decides to take them to some friends of his, Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney. They realize that it is a map to a very large treasure buried by a Captain Flint.

Trelawney jumps to hiring a crew to partake in the adventurous voyage to seize said treasure. After procuring a roster of unknowingly guileful men who happen to be leftovers of flints crew. The crew seems to be led by Captain Smollett, the one and only trustworthy seaman that Trelawney hired. The remainder of Flint’s crew is now led by the eminent Long John Silver, a mutinous one legged pirate. The crew sets out to sea on a ship known as the Hispaniola. Their course is set towards Treasure Island… everything...