Mutual Funds Financial Institution and Markets

Mutual Funds Financial Institution and Markets

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Mutual Funds
Financial institution and markets

Assignment #03
City Campus
Section: 01

Date: 29th April 2011

Group Members:
Baber Khan
Daniyal alvi
Deepak Kumar
Fahad feroz
Rizwan mansoor

It aims to provide a sustainable higher return on an investment compared to market return by adopting various smart investment strategies and by adhering to rules and regulation imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Fund name | Sage funds |
Fund type | Open ended aggressive growth fund |
Investment manager | Iqra investments fund |
Front load | - |
Back load | 3%* |
Risk profile | Medium |
Management fee | 1.5% of average annual assets |
Par value | 100 per share |
Trustee | Central depository company (CDC) limited |
Auditors | Taseer Hadi & co. |
Regulator | Securities exchange commission of Pakistan |
Net assets | 100 million |
*The load will decrease by 0.5% with every year investment kept in the fund.
Investment strategy:
The fund management company aims to achieve its objective of providing sustainable high returns by investing in best companies of the different growing sectors of the economy. We put 95% of the fund money in the equity market and held 5% of the funds money as a cash so as to meet the day to day expenses.

Considering the investment in equity market, we have invested our funds in five growing sectors of the economy which are expected to perform well in future as a result of prevailing and expected macroeconomic conditions. These include oil and gas exploration sector, banking sector, fertilizer sector, Beverage sector and chemical sector. Besides this, we will also be investing our funds in the companies who do not belong to any sector but are constantly performing well since last few years.
Following are the proportion in which we have invested our funds in different sectors:

Sector | (Rs.) |...

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