my Autobiography

my Autobiography

Population: Couples and families
Choice Model and Therapy WDEP,
Reality Model
Assignment 2: Journal Week 7

Today my client is a single father who states that he does not receive support from anyone including family. The father is very anxious about the possibility of his child having to reside with his mother because he financially cannot care for him any longer. During the beginning of the sessions I noticed attending manners. I am trying to ease his anxiety, “can you describe the anxiety that you are currently experiencing? Addressing “current” problems is an aspect of Reality Choice Therapy (Wubbolding, 2011). Upon completing, the conversation about his distress in regards to attending counseling, as well as the anxiety he is feeling, I would move on to discussion about the entire reason for his visit, as well as the facets of WDEP model. I am utilizing reality choice therapy during my sessions, and before we moved forward, I would like to provide you with an explanation of what that consist of. I would use this to introduce the counseling viewpoint, and then I would follow-up with the WDEP model. William Glasser and Robert Wubbolding created Reality Choice Model as well as WDEP. Unless asked I would not find it necessary to give background information about the creators.
I would provide the concept related to this model, because my clients’ understanding is key to helping with his comfort level. Client need to discover W (wants), D (direction), E (evaluate) self, and the P (plan) for his life (Wubbolding, 2011). The use of this model for single parents who are experiencing confusion about life and their children. This model will help the client to discover a positive direction.


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