My Battle with Anorexia

My Battle with Anorexia

My Battle with Anorexia

We all know that life today is not a trouble-free thing. Action and determination are the keys to success but still so many obstacles will try and knock you down. People might put you down and you will either let it go or you’ll be left behind.

I was once given a cutting remark and by being weak and letting it get to me, I adopted a very serious disorder known as anorexia.

I never had to worry about my weight. I had a fast metabolism and I never seemed to gain weight. Things began to change once I hit puberty. My body slowly began to grow and I started to put on the pounds but this didn’t bother me. Why should it have since it was something perfectly normal?

It all started when I was fourteen at Bowles Adventure Camp, in the summer of 2005.I say summer, but it was mostly overcast the whole time I was there so can thank jolly old England for that . I didn’t have many friends at the time so my parents thought that spending my “summer” in a camp, with many people my age was a great opportunity for making new ones.

As soon as I arrived I was given a form and asked to note down three activities I preferred mostly doing during this camp. I really felt passionate about swimming and I was also good at it so I wrote it down without any hesitation. My other two choices really didn’t matter.

I got to my swim class and listened to the teacher’s instructions. It was taking quite a long time and since it was a really hot day I took off my shirt. That is the biggest regret I ever have. The girls sitting across were staring at me and were whispering to each other, but I had no idea what they were saying. I didn’t pay much attention to it but when I got out of the water I was behind them. They were laughing and one of them said: “Did you see the fat on that boy? He could really use a diet!” I wasn’t sure they were talking about me but I assumed they were. It was the first time someone had ever called me fat and I intended to make it...

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