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How to Give Calendar Access

How to Open/Check access to a Clients Calendar and Mail

From our training, we are asked to check access using the Home tab open application procedure. This procedure includes a lot of copy and paste just to open our clients calendar. We will now show you how to store it on your Lotus Notes as it will be saved as default whenever you need to open a certain clients calendar and mail with just one click after setting it up.

Go to your Mail tab and click “More” to show the drop down list. Select the “Preferences” from the list.

A new window will appear and from there, you will need to follow the steps below.
1.Click the “Access & Delegation” Tab
Click the “Shortcts to Other's Mail” Tab
Insert the Lotus Mail ID of the client or person you want to have access. Example: Brant Shuman/Arlington/IBM
Click “OK” button.

A new window will appear and will advise you to close and reopen Mail.

After closing and opening your mail, you can now go to the right side of your mail window and click the Other Mail. A list of your clients whom you added will appear. Just click the name and it will automatically open that persons calendar.

How to Book A Room

Rooms and Resources
change from ONLINE to IBM US

Choose address book
Choose site ( location )
No. of attendees
Start Date
Start end
Click Search

How to check status of the room:

Currently rooms 1408A, 1408B, 1438, 1436 (all seat (6) people) and 1401 (seats (10) people)are managed by Assistants. For small meetings, please check the Notes Calendar Tool for availability of the above rooms. Look for (NY-New York-Privt-BLD-0289). If one should appear available, please use the calendar tool to submit your room invite. The responsible contacts for the above rooms will respond back to you.Just recently, rooms 1408C, 1409, 1412, 1421 (all seat (10) people) were changed back to...

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