My Choice

My Choice

Camilo Jimenez

Christina Pryce

COMM1000-08F-11413: 08F College Communications

November 7th 2008

On of my own beliefs has always been something like, “Dreams keep our hopes alive” or something like that. This is a literate translation from my native tongue, Spanish.

I left my country about eight years ago, in doing that I left many things behind. I packed up my dreams, persistence, lots of motivation, personal values and some winter clothes of course.

Personal goals are thrown at humans daily, which is why I decided to come to Georgian College. It is part of my personal objective; it is something I have to do. Therefore I am committed, determined to succeed and to achieve my goals besides my personal limitations.

So it was time for me to start looking for the right place, as well as a course related to my personal interests. Something not to long, a career where I can achieve success as a professional. Someplace where all that motivation that I packed eight year ago can finally be used. A place where I can carry out all my dreams and grow as a person. For me education is the key to success, education is what gets us closer to our goals and really makes the difference in our lives.

I had finished all the requirements to be a high school graduate in Canada and I did not want to spend the rest of my life in a factory or supermarket. I always knew I wanted to study so it was time to start with college applications. I applied to five in total and was accepted into them all. When I got the confirmation e-mail form Georgian College it was an amazing feeling, it was like everything was going to start to change for me. I was delighted, I felt like the man on the moon. I was untouchable and capable of anything. It was something I prayed for and was something I always wanted.

I made the decision to come to Georgian College for the Optician program because it was perfect for the fact it was related to health sciences which...

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