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Model Test Paper For LIC Assistant Administrative Officer
Article Number: 627 | Last Updated: Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 3:26 PM Q1. The central office of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is located at -
(A) Kolkata
(B) New Delhi
(C) Chennai
(D) Pune
(E) Mumbai

Ans : (E)

Q2. Th Life Insurance Corporation Of India has how many Zonal offices in India ?
(A) Five
(B) Seven
(C) Ten
(D) Fifteen
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

Q3. Which of the following schemes was launched by the LIC in December 2001 with the object to lessen the burden of parents in meeting the educational expenses of their children ?
(A) Krishi Shramik Samajik Suraksha Yojana
(B) Jan Shree Bima Yojana
(C) Shiksha Sahyog Yojana
(D) Bhagyashree Child Welfare Bima Yojana
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

Q4. If an organization wishes to venture into Insurance Business it has to obtain a licence first from which of the following ?
(A) Indian Bnaks Association (IBA)
(B) Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
(C) Tariff Advisory Committee (TAC)
(D) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
(E) None of these

Ans :(D)

Q5. Which of the following schemes launched in the year 2000 by the LIC replaced social Securitty group Insurance Schemes (SSIGS) and Rural Group Life Insurance Schemes (RGLIS) ?
(A) Janshree Bima Yojana
(B) Bhagyashree Child Welfare Bima Yojana
(C) Jan Arogya Bima Yojana
(D) Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojana
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

Q6. How many maximum children from a family are covered for the benefits under the Shiksha Sahyog Yojana launched by the LIC ?
(A) One only
(B) Two only
(C) Three only
(D) One Girl Child only
(E) None of the

Ans : (B)

Q7. The punch line of the advertisement of which of the following organization is “Jindagi ke sath bhi Jindagi ke bad bhi” ?
(A) New India Assurance
(B) General Insurance Corporation
(C) ICICI Prudential
(D) Life Insurance Corporation Of India
(E) None of these...

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