My Dream

My Dream

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I've always wanted to become a singer since I was 9 years old I love singing I love music but I can't sing at ALL!! It I really sucks because I record myself singing and when I hear it I sound like I'm dying in pain, I always end up crying because I feel like I'm useless I can never have a voice like Ariana Grande or Adele because you have to be born talented you can't just learn how to sing . I don't give up easly so I don't want to throw away my dreams. Should I forget about becoming a singer?
You CAN learn to sing. Even those "born talented" can improve with lessons. You just can't teach yourself. You will need to get a real voice teacher and you may have to work extremely hard for a long time to even learn to sing on key. You can also learn important performing skills (such as how to play to the audience, interpret lyrics, etc) so that they will offset an otherwise mediocre voice.

You won't have a voice like Ariana or Adele because you can still only train YOUR voice. It would also be extremely unwise---and dangerous--to think you can improve your singing by trying to copy what they do. So far Ariana has avoided serious voice problems, but Adele has already had to have surgery to repair damaged vocal cords. If you worry about how much voice lessons might cost (and you should do research before you decide you can't afford them), think about how much surgery costs. Furthermore, sometimes the damage that can be done can't be undone.

As for your "dream" it may have to remain a dream. You may be the most talented singer on earth and NEVER get that big break because a part of becoming famous is sometimes being at the right place and the right time and even having the right connections (like Jaden Smith isn't in the movies just because of his acting ability, right?) In this age of videos and Youtube, it also doesn't hurt to have looks. Both Ariana and Adele are beautiful young women in their different ways.

If you want to sing because you love to sing,...

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