My English Presentation

My English Presentation

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English report

Durieux Laurent


1. Introduction 3

2. My presentation 3

2.1 Preparation 3

2.1.1 Find our article 3
2.1.2 One step per person 4
2.1.3 Create the PowerPoint 4
2.1.4 Be original 4

2.2 Presentation 5

2.2.1 A false start 5
2.2.2 A lake of discussion 5

3. Other presentations: The Presentation Awards 2008 5

3.1 The Best Topic 6
3.2 The Best Grammar Point 6
3.3 The Best Discussion 6
3.4 The Best Fontman 6

4. Conclusion 7

4.1 My view 7
4.2 Recommendations 7


1. Introduction

This report is intended to describe and assess my English presentation and to give my view about other presentation that I saw during this semester. Indeed, each Socrates students should prepare a presentation about a topic. My group was composed of Anaïs and Eugenio and we have found an article about Barack Obama.

Firstly, we will introduce my presentation and the methodology that we applied. Secondly we will speak about the other presentations and give out reward about different subjects
Then, I will try to make several recommendations about this assessment and give my opinion about that.

2. My presentation

2.1 Preparation

The aim of this part is to describe the methodology that we applied to complete our presentation. For each step, we shared the different tasks in order to be more efficient and then we made meeting in order to pool our work.

2.1.1 Find our article

To begin, we get to choose a topic that might interest student. Anaïs, Eugenio and I have read many newspapers to find our text. We have found an article of interest in an Irish newspaper about Barack Obama. We thought that was an interesting topic because it was the end of American election. I was a current evens in November.


2.1.2 One step per person

After studying this article, we shared the different points of the presentation between us. Anaïs had to sum up...

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