My Family

My Family

My Last Day

What happens when a normal day turns into the scariest thing you have ever lived? When all your fears pile up to a single moment, down to the last minute. When you ask yourself, is this it? And all your dreams and memories banish into the cold air and dead silent around you.
It was a cool and calm summer day of 2010 in the Dominican Republic. The sunlight waked me up for my first fishing trip. I was so excited. I had always wanted to go fishing since I was a little kid, and we have been planning that for weeks. Everything was ready, there were 8 of us, some cousins and family friends. We took off!

So we get to the river, the water was pretty cold and we took off in a small boat to the fishing spot. The whole day was pretty fun even though I didn’t catch anything, not knowing what was about to happen. So we all get on the boat to head back. Everybody is just talking, while I was staring at the nice mountains, the nice chilling breeze hit my face. Then, suddenly, I looked forward and saw the front of the boat filling up with water, my heart immediately stared racing and I was frozen, thinking to myself “what’s going on, is this real?”.

Then I heard someone screamed “jump!” in a loud, but chilling voice. This all happened in a matter of seconds, but it felt so slow. Next thing I knew the boat had just flip into the water next to us and stared to sink. I was in the freezing water trying to get a gasp of air, while my cousin was holding on to me, not knowing that he was bringing me down. After like 40 seconds without air, my cousin finally calm down and let go of me, I rose up from the water and took the most important breath of my life and realized that we were all okay. Now stranded in the middle of the river we had to climb some rocks to the main road to get to safety.

Everything could have went so much worse that day, but we all made it alive and well with barely a few scratches. That day I woke up not expecting...

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