My Father, Man Enough to Be Dad

My Father, Man Enough to Be Dad

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My father, man enough to be Dad

I often reflect on how much gratitude as we kids/humans have to show based on the fact that we are blessed with a countless amount of Gods unlimited bounties. Amongst them all, I ponder about the fortune that I have beloved parents. I therefore would like to comment on my Dad in specific.

Primarily, my father who is most dear to me is the head and I’d say the engine of the family. I guess by saying that I’m just a carriage that follows, A fully functional train. But obviously an engine represents power, and functionality depends on that. We as a family operate and function in a similar comparison. If there was any suitable word to describe my father, it would be…..DYNAMIC. Not only is he the guardian of my siblings and I, he is the husband and spouse to my mother, the one and only son to my grandmother and also a brother to my aunt.

In honesty, I am still trying to understand the meaning of responsibility, for apart from school I am not required to do much. What I try to fathom and comprehend to is that my dad was an orphan at a very young age, by loosing his dad, circumstances then asked him to become the sole provider and breadwinner of his family, that alone reduces me to tears. He then began working long hours and made sure he was a major source of support for his mother and sister. Several years had passed and things seemed to be stable, he then settled down and married my mum. After some time he then opened his own business, with the grace of the almighty the business flourished and he now owns two tyre outlets.

My dad has principles he lives by, which if not followed can get his heartbeat racing from 90 pmb to 180 in no time. Not forgetting the resonating sound of a risen voice. The truth is that he is indeed quite prompt in what he does. As clichéd as it sounds, combine his temperament with his responsibility add a hint of his principles and a dash of his humour, to me he would then be capable of running the...

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