My Father - My Protector

My Father - My Protector

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As a Protector, he takes care of my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual safeties. When I broke my leg at the elementary school, he left his work early and brought me to hospital for my treatments. Actually, he is slight and not strong-looking men like hunky Christopher Reeve as a superman. He looks moderately gentle and not good at fight because of his drooping eyes and thin arms and legs. However, he protects me from and harm, but protects my harts and minds as well. Now, I could know a little bit about how he seriously considers the development of my physical and mental development as his daughter. I have been always protected by my father since I was born.

When he plays role of Provider, he initially provides necessities, such as meals, house, and clothing. He also creates a family environment through love and encouragement. By being provided these things in my daily life, he teaches me to be independent in the future. Thanks him for working, my family can live own life. He gave a lot of sacrifices for my family, such as his time. As we said “Time Is Money” he spends his time because of his responsibilities to provide necessities.

My father is a guide for me. He directs me toward the path in life that promises to fit me best. Talking with him is like talking to a counselor. He suggests the best direction what he think is best. However, he gave me the freedom to choose any field that I wanted to go...

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