My First Car - Essay 2

My First Car - Essay 2

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When I acquired my first car I was 20 yrs old. It was a hand me down by this I mean it belonged first to my father then to my brother. My brother was the one to sell me that 1987 Nissan Stanza. With all honesty that car needed a lot of T.L.C. (tender love and care). I was so extremely happy when that automobile was sold to me. Since I did not have a lot of money to restore the vehicle to its original state. I decide that it would be a lot cheaper to only buy things to make the interior look nice. It didn’t help much.

The handles were all broken only one of the doors opened. It had no speedometer but, you knew when you were going 55 MPH. The car would being to shake. There was time when I owned that vehicle that it just need some tuff love. I would take a wrench open the hood and being to beat the motor. I swear that two seconds later it would start. My friends called it the “want to be bat mobile”. No one liked being driven around it that car but back in the day they weren’t lots of options.

Can’t criticize that Stanza almost never died on me. When I got married the first thing my first husband told me was that “there was no way we are taking that car to New Mexico”. I laughed although it was kind of sad to have to sell my first car. Even thou the car was old needed lots of work it still had sentimental significance to me.

At times when my friends do a gathering to remember the good old days we often remember my vehicle. We all begin to laugh at how all of us would get in to the car. We talk of all the ninety nine problems that car had. We must have been really desperate to go out. Regardless to the problems that car had, it was a built to last car not like the aluminum vehicles there making now.

It would have been nice to try to save up some money and try to restore the car to its original state. That 1987 Stanza was sold. From time to time I still see that car, obviously in much better condition. All sort of...

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