My First Week

My First Week

Castillo Ximena N.
Mr. Gomez M.
CGS 1030
May 1st, 2016
Introduce with Internet

It is my opinion that the invention and evolution of the internet is the most powerful tool that has expanded world communication and at the same time made the world smaller. I remember that it was not long ago when making a call overseas was almost impossible and I’m not that old. Today you can reach every corner of this giant rock we call EARTH, and then some. Today anyone can say whatever they please and be heard by anyone or everyone on the internet. The internet itself has become truly important to everyone all over the world and is part of our everyday lives.

The Birth of the Internet:

The origins of the Internet go back nearly forty years, with the U.S. military's funding of a research network dubbed Arpanet in 1969. Since then, the Internet has undergone over simply a reputation modification. The number of computers connected to the net has fully grown exponentially, while the variety of users has up from one or two of pc scientists to one.5 billion shoppers. The network's reach has expanded on the far side the United States to each corner of the world. But its quality has a dark facet, as it has evolved from a friendly research network to a hotbed of criminal activity as well as fraud.

Name changes leaves Military past behind:

The world's largest network of computer networks got its original name from the U.S. military arm that funded it: Arpanet was for the Advanced analysis comes Agency. Back in 1969 when Arpanet was created, it connected five sites: UCLA, Stanford, UC Santa Barbara, the University of Utah and BBN. In 1983, the U.S. Defense Department spun-off MILNET*, which was the half of Arpanet that carried unclassified military communications. Arpanet was renamed the Internet in 1984, when it joined 1,000 hosts at university and corporate labs.
*MILNET was later re-named the Defense Data Network and finally NIPRNET, for...

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