My Future

My Future

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Working Title 1

Working for My Future

Norma Jean Smith

PSY 202

Virginia Krauss

November 10, 2008

Working Title 2


1. Where am I from?

a. Dumas Arkansas
b. Portland Oregon
c. Close Family
11. What are your favorite memories?
a. Growing up close
b. Growing up with 5 brothers
c. My favorite grade school teacher
d. Looking out for each other
e. I have my own family now
f. I am raising my grandson
g. I am in a good place right now
111. What are my educational goals?
a. Quit in the 9th grade
b. Went to high school
c. Went to college.
d. Getting a Bachelors Degree

Working Title 3


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Working Title 4

Working towards My Future

As I look back on my childhood I had many good memories. I was born in Dumas Arkansas on August 27, 1963. My father was a farmer and my mother was a housewife. I look back on my life when I was growing up with seven in our family I do not know how my parents made it. As I look back on my life as a child I see what sacrifices my parents made for us and how hard it was on them at that time. We moved to Portland Oregon when I was two years old where my dad’s family lived. I remember my dad’s mother very well, even though she died when I was five years old. She was a very sweet and warm lady. I remember going to her house and playing on her bed with her buttons.
The thing that I remember about my grandmother Ella most was her sweet smile and calm voice. I do not remember her ever raising her voice to me or anyone else. I spent a lot of time with her. I remember setting in her rocking chair by the fire knitting and...

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