My Grandfather Got Scared

My Grandfather Got Scared

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What scared my grandfather? On October 31, 2008 was Halloween Day. My grandfather was thinking about taking us to trick or treat. My grandfather went to the store and bought a costume for himself. When he went back home, it was night and the sun had already set. He had told my nieces (Ka, Pa, and Ci) and my brothers (Pha, Lue, Pao) and me to get ready to trick or treat.

That night my grandfather took us to trick or treat. When we were at the first house, my grandfather knocked on the door. Two women opened their door, and we said trick or treat to them. They gave us some candies and said “Happy Halloween.” We went to the second house, and my grandfather did the same thing he did at the first house. Later that night, there was one woman who wearing a white dress with red lipstick on her mouth and an old man wearing a black suit. When they opened the door, the woman asked us what kind candies we wanted. We answered the woman that we wanted milk chocolate candies. After we answered the woman, she got the candies. Then we left their house. After we left the second house, my grandfather said he was scared when the woman asked what kind candies we wanted because she sounded so old and scary.

What make my grandfather still want to trick or treat? My grandfather said Halloween was a fun night for taking kids outside and walking. My grandfather started like taking children out to trick or treat. When my grandfather met a man name Tou Lee, my grandfather asked him, “Why didn’t you wear a costume?” The man said he was scared to wear a costume because it made people scared of him. At almost 11:00p.m, my grandfather still wanted to continue to trick or treat. My niece Ka said, “Grandfather it is late now. Can we go home?”, but my grandfather didn’t want to go home, so we continued to trick or treat.

What made my grandfather gave up to trick or treat? At 11:30p.m, my grandfather took us to a scary house. The house looked like a haunt house, and it...

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