My Homeschooling Experience

My Homeschooling Experience

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My Homeschooling Experience
1. Introduction
In September of 1995, my mom struggled to get my siblings and I to different
schools on a daily basis; following the injuries she sustained from a automobile accident.
In January of 1996, my mom did exactly what she had been talking about, that is, she
took us out of public schools and informed the state that all of us (9 kids) would be Home

If anyone ask what Home School Education Instructions under the Religious Act
(here after referred to as Home Schooling) is all about, the best answer, without getting
deep inside the theological study, is to say that it is a system that helps the parent to reach
all the students using the Holy Bible as a Quality Scripture Educational Program. What it
actually does is take into account that the abilities differ from student to student. The
major priority of Home Schooling is to teach students with different abilities in the very
same classroom or in other words to provide a Quality Scripture Educational Program
without actually separating students of higher or lesser grades levels from each other. The
process of learning can be hard for one student and easy for another one, so Home
Schooling keeps the older students interested by providing harder tasks and keeps the
younger students motivated in order to succeed academically and reach their best. The
core of this process is that students are not compared. Each of them has his/her own
“academic capacity” and this capacity becomes the A grade for the student. At the same
time this “capacity” is very individual and the process of comparing loses its very
essence. Home Schooling assists the students in making the process of learning more
flexible taking into consideration the student’s needs, likes, and interests. The aim of
Home Schooling is personal and very unique for every student.

2. The benefits of Home Schooling
Home Schooling eliminated the necessity of...

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