My Job

My Job

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In these next five paragraphs I will explain to you what career I have chosen. What training is required to be in this career. Were you can get the training. And typical salary and this jobs availability. And of course a conclusion.
The career I have chosen is to be a surgeon, preferably a transplant surgeon. I have chosen this career because it is something that interests me. The training required for this job is usally 1 year of medical training. Followed by 2 years to become a doctor and another 3 to become a surgeon.

All medical schools offer this as a career, although some may take longer than others. Washington University offers a very good medical field plan. They can give you a high school training program, then after high school you can apply for a higher medical career in UW. After you apply for a higher career in the medical field you will be in college for about 4-6 years. After those four to six years you may need to train still to be able to do surgery on a patient.

The typical salary for a surgeon is very high although salary varies from what type of surgeon you are the pay is still higher than flipping burgers. The regular salary for a transplant surgeon $87.68 an hour and a full year’s salary is 187 thousand dollars the pay is good but you can’t just sit in a office you have to operate on people. The jobs availability is very high and is available right now. Not many people are becoming surgeons and are most likely turning towards the military but I could be wrong.
As you can see the career I have chosen is to become a surgeon. What school and programs will help me with this. What is the salary and job outlook in the future.

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