My Life

My Life

My Life
Nikole Smith
PSY 202
Chavonne McCall
April 17, 2011

My Life

1.What My Family Is Like
A..Many Nationalities
B The Country Side
C. Weird People

2) Asthma and Seizures
A. Going through Seizures
B. Hospitals and Asthma

3) School Days
A. First Day of School
B. Talent Shows
C. Student President

4) Education and Career Goals
A. Volunteer Work and Radio
B. Journalism and Marketing
C. Music

My Life

When you are born you do not know what direction the beginning of your
journey will go. I basically lived in Orange Memorial Hospital located in Orange,
New Jersey for four months suffering with Asthma and Seizures.
As a baby I went through the ups and downs with the terms that I may and may
not survive. Now as an adult I look back on it as simply as my life starting out
with trials and tribulations., the rest is up to God to guide me through.

I arrived on January 30, 1983 at a weight of one pound fourteen ounces. I was
not only diagnosed as a premature baby but, as a chronic asthmatic. Doctors
wanted me to have surgery on my lungs, however my mother and the doctors
also knew realistically that I was to little to survive the...

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