My Most Memorable Family Holiday

My Most Memorable Family Holiday

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My Most Memorable Family Holiday...

Whether it be when you were a child or as an adult.. what is your most memorable family holiday... (warm fuzzy ones)[pic]

There are a few that I could bundle together as memorable.. I think the family bach at South Bay in Kaikoura is one that will stick in my heart for life..
My Dad's side of the family is quite large, so there were always about 2 -3 maybe + at the bach and some at Nana's and Grandad's down the road. So in the school holidays, it was neat to catch up with my cousins, and Aunty's and Uncles..

Spending all day at the beach - and running down to the water to stop the burning from the black stones on the beach.. (pebble beach).. Cooking Paua and Crayfish, going fishing in the little dingys, and attempting to snorkel... Then spending the rest of our day going up the hills behind the bach and going down on Cardboard.. [pic]

Of course there was the first arrival at the bach ritual of emptying the mouse traps, and turning on the hot water...

Sadly the family bach was demolished after my Grandparents sold it and some mega flash new holiday home has replaced it...

Fisher students share their wishes for the world

By Tori Parmenter

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[pic]Chelsea Adam
Class of 2009

"My wish for the world is for children to stop suffering from violence, kidnapping, genocide, starvation and obesity. Whatever holiday one celebrates, we always try to put children first, and with all the other crises the world is currently facing, children seem to get lost in the shadows.

So my wish would be for people to remember that all children, especially those that are suffering at this time, are our world's future and they need a lot more attention than our bank accounts and gas tanks, and that helping one child makes a difference."

Amanda Norton
Childhood and...

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