My Notes from Class

My Notes from Class


Last class we learned about having honor for your self. Like doing the right thing for you and only you Not other people. We also took a test on how well we remember our countries. Then we did one on our states and capitals . also on our honesty like not cheating and all. We also learned that we do this journal thing to lest us ponder about what we did last class, like gain our own opinion about the subject and that we remember what we learned so that in a few months we’d still know. Or when we’re old and all or so we can study for tests. He said it’s important that we learn geologic forms so that we can know where things can be located.

Some dictionaries are bad in the way that they expect one to understand the meaning of when they explain in a complicated format.

Obama: Illinois senator / legislators right law

Bill Clinton 42 Ron Paul

John McCain: POW for 30 years
Mitt Romney: governor of MA
Fred Thrompos: Former attorney most conservative / Governor of Tennessee
Mike Hukabie: Former babtis minister Governor of Arkansas

Thinks should shout out the illegal imagration unless with green cards, citizenship and all with a down payment

They think abortions a waist of money and should be stopped

Last class we talked a bout the candidates in each party; their history in place in our government such as governor or senator. Also we talked about each party’s point of view on issues like abortion, Iraqi, and other things. Also we discussed about how some dictionaries are wore then others and we also defined the word politicks and political parties. We talked about how Ron Paul’s supporters are mostly young people or first time voters and all we also said with 2 presidents were the first father son pair were the Adams and not bush and bush and also how the bushes are all we were the prezzes’ yuh know.

More government...

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